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All Property is Deeded in Beaufort County, South Carolina U.S.A.

Hilton Head Island Fractional Ownership presents:

The Owners Club® at Hilton Head

At the heart of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina,USA. Indigo Run is the embodiment of luxury resort living. Tucked within its gated enclave in Indigo Run, you will find The Owners Club® at Hilton Head offering Hilton Head fractional vacation homes. The Owners Club is a privately owned  club of 324 owners who refer to their property as "our home away from home". All owners enjoy at least twenty seven  days per year. A 1/13th interest guarantees at least twenty-seven days per year - several  owners have multiple intrests. Owners can use their property anytime throughout the year from one to twenty seven days consecutively, or concurrently. There are owners who occupy multiple homes during the same week every year, or stay in the same house for an extended period of time.

Qualifications for Walter J Hajec BIC

1. Served on the Board of Directors for The Owners Club at Hilton Head

                        2. Handled the marketing and sales of The OCHH for almost ten years..                         

                                    3. Our professional approach has produced results. Today almost 37% of all owners                  .

                                  entrusted us with their transaction to own. Contact today for quality assistance.               





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Your vacation ready home is a three bedroom, three bath residence (see residence page). There are only twenty-eight homes within the sixty acre community. On property amenities include a very welcoming clubhouse with a pool and two whirlpools out the back door. (for all amenities go to - golf and tennis privileges/amenities page). Close at hand are more than twelve miles of alluring ocean beaches, sparkling waterways and lagoons, and ancient oaks with trailing Spanish Moss.

Hilton Head Islands world famous beach is literally minutes from your front door. Enjoy a sunrise stroll, go for an endless bike ride, or just lay back and enjoy the twelve miles of Ocean front beach. In the world of sports, the name Hilton Head Island is synonymous with world-class golf and tennis. The Owners Club owners enjoy access fee only golf at eight of the Islands twenty-two golf courses, and world class tennis at Sunningdale Park. There are nine full service marinas on Hilton Head Island, SC. They offer all water activities, boat docking and rentals, restaurants.....(you can easily walk to the closest one - Broad Creek Marina). There is also an endless array of shopping and dining, all conveniently located within minutes of your Club Home. With so many fabulous things to do and see, it could take you years to sample even a fraction of the fun. But you'll have a wonderful time trying.

"At the Owners Club of Hilton Head you will find a luxury vacation facility and staff just waiting to surprise and delight you. From the very friendly, helpful staff to the spacious and comfortable three bedroom houses, you will feel like you have found the perfect vacation home. The pool and the putting green are our family favorites, but the exercise facility is also popular. And fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the clubhouse, oh yes.By itself the Owners Club gated community is a great place to relax and to entertain. But add to this the flexibility to do so in comparable luxury in many places within the United States and abroad, and we are sure that you will agree that it is an amazing value and opportunity not to be missed.We have been enjoying the benefits of our ownership at the Owners Club for eleven years and would not think of giving it up. We think you will feel that way too."- John and Susanne Trible

Fractional Ownership

SC fractional ownership is rapidly growing in popularity as an alternative to full ownership of vacation home properties. South Carolina fractional vacation homes are not a new concept. Vacation home buyers have for decades split ownership use of the second homes that are often used infrequently. Historically, the quarter fractional has been the time-tested resort product and has sold successfully for many years to unrelated parties.

Within the last few years, a new refined variation of the fractional vacation home has taken root. This new concept is evolving rapidly with accelerating interest within the real estate marketplace. The new fractional product offers flexible usage, with more services and amenities.

The Owners Club at Hilton is the only Hilton Head fractional property that allows this flexible usage in a three bedroom/three bath house. Use one day to as many days as you need at a time, or use the homes concurrently.The Property stands above any other on Hilton Head with its amenities and accommodations.The Owners Club at Hilton Head is a great property, but it may not fit your wants and needs. Ragilo Inc - Walter Hajec BIC - is a fractional specialist. We can assist you with exploring and comparing all fractionals on Hilton Head Island, SC USA. Interested? If so, please fill in the information request.







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